Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ed Hardy knows fashion

I've gone through many obsessions in the past few months, and this is my new obession. I can't wait to visit Ed Hardy's new store in SoHo. I have'nt got a chance to go yet though. Ed Hardy's pretty and edgy tattoo designs are fab. I love the rocker look. Here are some of my favorite Ed Hardy pieces.

This belt [from Ed Hardy, of course], complete with rhinestones, will brighten up your everyday jeans & a t-shirt. Sold for $72.00

His signature on the back, covered with paint splatters, embroidered with flowers - I looove it! $150

The perfect summer striped tank! $70

Panther sneakers come in many colors. $80

Ed Hardy's softer side - espadrilles $70


-ciao bella- said...

love those esparidelles= absolutely ahhmazing

Anonymous said...

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sasha said...

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