Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Not Just Tinted Lenses Anymore!

Everyone's favorite beach accesory, sunglasses! Here are the 5 biggest trends in sunglasses for the summer.
AVIATORS: because they look the best on my face

Michael Kors $180

Ray-Ban $119

Ralph Lauren $200

BUTTERFLIES: because they're retro (and retro is cool.)

Kate Spade $160

Kate Spade $160

Juicy Couture $180

WRAP-AROUND: because they're sporty

Christian Dior $350

Juicy Couture $220

Valentino $280 - I think these are pretty awesome

NEON: because they stand out

Juicy Couture $220

Gucci $275

Marc Jacobs $260


fashionistakay said...

Really love the Ray-Bans. But kinda pricey most of the time (I mean all their shades in general).
P.S. I read your profile and can't believe that we both like the Uglies trilogy!OH! Could you look at my blog?

Jennifer said...

I love the ray band and the ralph lauren ones!!

pinup_girl said...

Love the Valentino ones, I have a pair similiar, but they are CK.

Jennifer said...

Blog girl! Waiting for your next one! :)