Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kiss Me Mascara - Tube Your Lashes!

Kiss Me Mascara is the wierdest thing in make-up I've ever seen... work! After you apply this mascara, water-resistant tubes will form around your eye lashes. Kiss Me Masacara will not smudge, run (even when you cry), clump, or flake. While, at the same time will add length and volumize your lashes. When you wash your face, you will literally see tiny tubes sliding off your lashes and into the sink.

To order, visit
The mascara is not sold for Drug Store prices, however, it is $25.00. But worth the buy.

A Whiff Of Betsey Johnson

I love this scent by Betsey Johnson! Its just the perfect mix of fruit and floral. I also crave the vintage bottle it comes in.

50ml Spray Perfume: $55.00
100ml Spary Perfume: $78.00

Also, while I was on B.J.'s website, I fell in love with this pearl necklace. $48.00

At 65 (or so), I find Betsey Johnson truly amazing. Her clothes are just so unique and she even looks great wearing them! I would never have guessed she was 65. She inspires me so much!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Jellies... "Wiggle While 'Ya Jiggle?"

I've been wondering weather to fall into the sticky '80's jelly shoe trap. Anyways, here's the...
Are they completely hideous or spring's must have...?

N.Y.L.A. Jelly Sandal Sold at Nordstroms and Bloomie's for only $34.95
Colors include; blue, clear, red, and smoke on the internet.

Leopard Obsession: Cardigan for Less

Hey Once again! I'm starting to get the hang of this blog now =D So, anyway for my second post... Well, to start, It drives my l.o.c.o. when I pick up something and then look at the price tag and it's like $300! Anyway, my obsession lately has been leopard. So, I was on one of my favorite websites, Well, here:

The Animal in You

The first cardigan is by Betsey Johnson - and totally cute! The only problem; that I'm not sure my closet needs a everyday cardigan for $195.00. So, I found this short-sleeved cardigan from Free People that's just as cute for only $58.00. The Free People cardigan also comes in a variety of wild colors including; pink, green, and blue.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bravo, for ballet flats!

Hola. I'm very excited because it's my very first post! So, anyway, I'm ab-solutely obsessed with ballet flats this season..

These gingham flats are by Jessica Simpson. They are sold for $58.95 at Nordstroms & Bakers shoe stores. Gingham is in this spring! By the way, have you seen Jessica's new shoe line? It's stylish, yet, affordable.

I have been eye-ing these for weeks now! I can't wait 'till I get my hands on these! They are sold at Guess stores as well as various department stores for $109.95. These unique flats come in six, fun spring colors, including: gold, silver, black, pink, green, and amnethyst (my personal favorite).
Pink, black, and cream patent-leather ballet slingbacks... one word: Classy! They are just so sweet. From the moment I saw these while I was in Bloomingdales, I thought: "OMG, I looove these". They're by Anne Klein and for the satisfying price of $75.00

Red-hot! These red eyelet flats are so in this spring! The price is just as pretty as these flats are... $50.95. By Report. You can find them at select Nordstroms and online at Enjoy!

Well, for now I'm very busy. So, I'll post this and if I find any more flats worth posting I'll post them. See you soon =) Hope you liked these! Ciao for now.