Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Great Jeans don't have to leave you broke.

Yesturday, I felt like wearing jeans, since I was going out, and I realized: I grew since last year- and my favorite jeans are now too short. (Well, I do hope I'm still growing, I'm only 5 foot 1. hehe) I feel bad, since they are expensive jeans - Sevens are my favorite. So, anyway, that small event gave me inspiration for a new post! Great jeans, (for every fall trend) under $100.

...These jeans may be cheap in price, but they aren't cheap in quality.

Lucky Brand Jeans - the colored straight-leg jean trend. $98 (J'adore the color)

Delia's jeans - the jet black skinny jean. $39.50 (Have 'em)

Roxy jeans - the wide leg trouser jean. $58 (Like 'em.)

Levi's jeans - Grey skinny jeans. $58.98 (By sale)

Rock & Republic boot cut jeans Bergdorf Goodman- $227. (There's a gold "R" on a back pocket!)

Monday, July 23, 2007

*Gasp* The case of the disappearing freckles!

I just wanted to post this, because I always used to say it! What's with Lindsay Lohan's freckles?! First she's got none, then the all come back!

No freckles...

And Ta-Da...
With freckles...

All, I've got to say is, after she went to Rehab, I lost all of my respect for her.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beach Glamour

I think everyone liked my previous post... I was a scatter-brain writing it though. :D
I think I'm just going to type a lot here, so just keep reading...

I totally hate it when it's like mid-July, and you see all dark colors for... FALL. It's depressing! It makes you feel like summer's over... but it's really not. So, anyway, just to remind everyone that its still summer, I decided to write this post about how to look glamourous at the beach! (hehe.)

This photo inspired the post... Yes, this is Paris Hilton... but I do give her credit for wearing a leopard cut-out swimsuit.

Okay, so back on topic... (Ways to be glamorous at the beach)

These Haviana's flip flops are gorgeous... but seriously, who buys flip flops that cost over $130?!

Roberto Cavalli sunglasses are fabulous. I love these; they are tres unique!

And Lastly...

A nice metallic nail polish looks great on toes with a neutral on hands looks great. The metallic also looks great peeking out of a sandal. Plus, it's a BIG TREND this season.

More soon.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I guess you can call this post... "Untitled".

I've been to the beach, cut my hair, and I've had some lack of posts lately. (Well, for me, anyway.) Well, just stay with me for now!

Congratulations to...

...Eva Longoria on her marriage. Here she is, on her way... looking quite stylish in Chanel. Although, the length of the dress for her wedding bothers me a bit.


Ah, Emma Watson. I love her style right now. Here she is on her way to shoot the David Letterman show.

I know exactly how to get her look...

With a little bit of...

Both Betsey Johnson.


Lily Allen looks so innocent in this picture at the Harry Potter Premiere

She also has KILLER YSL stilletos.


Just for fun...

One adorable Audrey Hepburn tee. By Freeze.

One cool Mod Lipstick tee. By BB Dakota.



It's kinda pointless... But, I was in the Apple store yesturday, and I fell in absolute love with the iPhone. Good thing I got over the DWade Sidekick, because... you know what? The iPhone is 1,000 times cooler. Trust me.

Just some minor set-backs...

A) It's waaay expensive
B) I don't have AT&T

Saturday, July 7, 2007

This week's shopping highlights

Oh, I was so proud of my Maria Sharapova post! But, barely anyone commented it! :(

Here are just some of the new items that I bought this week.

I love glasses. Really. My new cat-eye shaped eyeglasses. Gucci

Don't laugh! Don't hate me because I bought jellies! If you remember, from one of my first posts I wrote about whether I loved jellies or if I felt the same way I did about Crocs. (shudders). Well, this fashion crime just-so-happened to cost only $6.25

Oh, for the love of Nordstroms! I bought this striped baby doll dress for about $35. Casual & cute... No?

A sweater for the fall - it matches close to everything in my closet!... from Free People.

Should I keep this? It's Juicy Couture...

All that glitters. These shoes from Bloomingdales, by the famous... Tory Burch. Oh, and don't bother looking for a pair, because they're pretty much all sold out!

Angel wings, and leopard hearts by Betsey Johnson.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Maria Sharapova: from New York, to Paris, to London

Emily the tennis player...

Although she's out of Wimbledon, Maria Sharapova is still my favorite tennis player. I admire her skills, but I also admire her style. Here are some of my favorite tennis outfits.


At the US Open in Queens, Maria's "night dress" by Nike (her sponsor) was absolutely stunning. I like to call this little number the little-black-dress-of-tennis. Maria said: "The whole inspiration for the night dress was Audrey Hepburn. I'm really inspired by her. I'm in a phase where I'm watching all of her movies." This dress was also put up for an auction... and not to mention the matching caplet.


At the French Open, Maria was fashionably dressed in a feminine deep blue mesh dress. I would just love to play tennis in this. Well, actually, I can... since it's for sale(!) @


Still, even with the white dress code at Wimbledon, Maria Sharapova manages to stand out on the court in this white dress with pleats.