Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Little Bit... Romance in Paris, France

...*sigh* wishing that I were going somewhere exciting this summer. Like maybe Europe? I've decided to write a post about some pieces I would wear if I were going to France.

(A girl can dream... I highly doubt I would actually buy these things anyway... since they are all a little bit above my budget ! : )

Ok, Here goes... I would wear:

James Perse camisole dress $138

L.A.M.B. bomber $425 (NEEEEEEEEED THIS)

C & C California tank (for layering) $40


Emilio Pucci $159

That's Love Louis Vuitton tote (ahem.) $1,720 (OH, I WISH; )

To top it all off, I would wear a scarf around my neck with the cami dress.

Anyway, keep commenting- I always try to comment back to everyone !


From Lily With Love said...

I saw a picture of Keira Knightley with that Louis Vuitton LOVE bag, and fell in love with the bag immediatly. I wish I had that kind of money.

alexgirl said...

Aawww, I wish you were going to Paris this summer, too! You would totally rock it. I esp. love the first dress and the stylin' jacket. Tres chic.

And good eye--that IS the betsey johnson swim suit. I love it. Although i got a pretty funky sunburn because of it... hah! The shades looked perfect with it. Thanks for commenting! Want to trade links? Have i already asked you that? i can't remember.

Lama Drama said...

omg i love that bag i wanted it for so long.

Alison said...

i LOOOVE that first dress, it's adorable and those pink shorts, HOT.
love your blog, it's so fab <3 and I'd love to trade links

Tru said...

sure we can exchange links...I'll add you as soon as I have a chance

Geisha said...

I love those shorts!!!! They are so cool- I really want them. I wish I was going to Paris- maybe next Summer :)

hellocello said...

o.m.g. the d&g shorts are hawttttt!

Jennifer said...

one can dream eh?
I've been obsessed with gold and silver coats, I love the one you picked out!

pinup_girl said...

I think I stopped breathing when I saw those shorts. I absolutely NEED them! They are fabulous!

Franca said...

love the cami dress. SOOOOO awsome! i also love the bag!

Diana Coronado said...

And the white bag!! I need a bag, and it likes me

la petite fashionista said...

whoaaa. those d&g shorts are amazing. and 109 really isnt bad for them!