Thursday, June 21, 2007

Change the look?

What color should I change my blog to?
Orange (I took a quiz and recomended)
(pale) Yellow
Rosey pink
Leave it red.
Black free polls

Votes are greatly appreciated :)

Other Changes on the Local Celeb
+ I am now known as Emily when I comment. (because that's my name).
+ I changed my photo
+ There is now a music player on my blog.

I really want to add a picture to my header, but my laptop is not cooperating !


Emily ♥ said...

just checking something :)

alexgirl said...

Hey! i love your blog. i don't think i've been here before. Damn, your profile pic is insane. I think i'm gonna have a seizure! hah.

-ciao bella- said...

loving the new profile pic! that is seriously the coolest thing i've ever seen. i've been sitting at my computer for the past 5 minutes just watching it change, it's like hypnotizing hehe

fashionistakay said...

I voted for a rosey pink, but red is defintely good too. Its a poppin' color!

Jennifer said...

i voted for change it to black because it stands out but I like the red as well. Nice new icon, so neat!

Geisha said...

I love your profile picture! It is super cute. I think you should leave it looks pretty. Anyway, do you want to trade links?

The Stiletto Effect said...

lol cool profile pic :)