Sunday, May 27, 2007

I wish it was finally summer '07... [i love juicy at the beach]

I'm in the mood for Juicy Couture;
Ah, summer. I cannot wait. But before all the fun begins, I am very busy with school. So many tests! I have not posted in what seems like forever. Don't ask, I was way busy for the past few weeks. I'm upset that I haven't gone shopping in a long time either. Anyway, since I was in a summer mood today, I decided to dedicate this blog to summer swimsuits!

how cute is this? so girly! looove it : )
& of course, the matching dress...

Also, I am loving the romper:

a really nice swimsuit for those who are trying to hide their tummy...

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-ciao bella- said...

fab post. love all of it- especially the swimsuit