Thursday, June 14, 2007

You can dress it up, you can dress it down, any way you want it done!

Hey guys! Haven't posted in a few days- I've been keeping my self busy so far this summer! A lot of parties. They have inspired me to write this post. This is the reason why I looove day-dresses, which is a reason why i looove summer.

Kudos, to you guys, I found these awesome summer day-dresses:

Forever 21:

Very chic.

A great dress to dance in, at the same time, I would just love to throw it over a bikini at the beach!


What a cute jumper, that's all i've got to say. White leggings would be nice. I would dress it down with white skinny jeans and a white tee underneath.

Love this:

Urban Outfitters:

Oh, I love this!

For some reason, I really love the way Urban Outfitters paired the necklace with the dress.

I'm hard at work on some more posts coming soon, check back : )


-ciao bella- said...

love all those dresses, especially the last one.

Jennifer said...

Love the urban outfitters dress, it's so retro!

hellocello said...

love the last one! :D

The Stiletto Effect said...

great choice of dresses!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Sure Little Miss Sunshine, consider yourself TAGGED!!! :D

we'll put you on the Tagged Bloggers list on the post :)

Su and Cris

The Stiletto Effect said...

Sure lets exchange links :D I'll add you to both The Stiletto and my personal blog Susana Daily.
and sure you can copy our ipod (in any colour you wish hehe)!
Feel free to ask anything you want, its ok :)


Elle said...

I love the red dress it can be dressed up or dressed down very versatile!