Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kiss Me Mascara - Tube Your Lashes!

Kiss Me Mascara is the wierdest thing in make-up I've ever seen... work! After you apply this mascara, water-resistant tubes will form around your eye lashes. Kiss Me Masacara will not smudge, run (even when you cry), clump, or flake. While, at the same time will add length and volumize your lashes. When you wash your face, you will literally see tiny tubes sliding off your lashes and into the sink.

To order, visit
The mascara is not sold for Drug Store prices, however, it is $25.00. But worth the buy.


-ciao bella- said...

really really sketchy. i may have to try that out sometime. xx

-ciao bella- said...

p.s. i forgot to say but you can get those tory burch flats off of or off of but her actual website is going to have way more colors and styles. and the sizing runs pretty true but you just have to remember that it has an elastic back so it's most def possible to go up a size! sorry that was like way long. xx

alexgirl said...

A little expensive... but it sounds awesome. I might have to try that. Always looking for the next best thing.
Great blog, btw!

Marina said...

Great blog !
Marina (from France)

Emma said...

This stuff is fabulous! I got a free sample today and had to check it out online.