Friday, April 20, 2007

Jellies... "Wiggle While 'Ya Jiggle?"

I've been wondering weather to fall into the sticky '80's jelly shoe trap. Anyways, here's the...
Are they completely hideous or spring's must have...?

N.Y.L.A. Jelly Sandal Sold at Nordstroms and Bloomie's for only $34.95
Colors include; blue, clear, red, and smoke on the internet.


Lama Drama said...

they have those at bloomingdales - they are insaneee...and sure i'll add youu =)

-ciao bella- said...

hmm- hate to say it but i am not a big fan of the jellies...i decided to give them a chance and try a pair on the other day and they looked so stupid because they had all those holes in it...but that's really just my opinion. xx

Anonymous said...

I love jellies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rollergirl said...

They're a bit victimy. I like them though. If I was a teen I'd wear those red ones with yellow ankle socks and denim short shorts.