Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Maria Sharapova: from New York, to Paris, to London

Emily the tennis player...

Although she's out of Wimbledon, Maria Sharapova is still my favorite tennis player. I admire her skills, but I also admire her style. Here are some of my favorite tennis outfits.


At the US Open in Queens, Maria's "night dress" by Nike (her sponsor) was absolutely stunning. I like to call this little number the little-black-dress-of-tennis. Maria said: "The whole inspiration for the night dress was Audrey Hepburn. I'm really inspired by her. I'm in a phase where I'm watching all of her movies." This dress was also put up for an auction... and not to mention the matching caplet.


At the French Open, Maria was fashionably dressed in a feminine deep blue mesh dress. I would just love to play tennis in this. Well, actually, I can... since it's for sale(!) @


Still, even with the white dress code at Wimbledon, Maria Sharapova manages to stand out on the court in this white dress with pleats.


theevilkitten.renn:] said...

I adore Maria.
Almost as much as Audrey Hepburn.
So the two make me very happy together.

Jennifer said...

This girl has amazing tennis style, I love the first black one. that's what's so great about tennis, the fashion aspect!

Bella said...

Maria isnt my favorite player, but I do LOVE her pretty..

Diana Coronado said...

And this dress is sooo lovely too!!
And sporty at the same time!!

donna AND navaz said...

Great post!

(PS You can guarantee the post YOU thought was the best will hardly get any comments and the one that took two seconds to post, will get rave reviews! Bah!)

Charles said...

I think that dress from the French open was the most beautiful dress i have ever seen, and this photos, oh my God, she looks just amazing, i know is disgusting, but i think some man use cheap sildenafil citrate thinking about her!!

Charles said...
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